About us



Salt Eldhús was established in 2012 and has since offered varied cooking classes to Icelanders and foreign visitors alike. We strive to keep on top of current trends and offer classes that cater to both beginners and the more experienced. Most of our classes are taught in Icelandic but we also offer English speaking classes focused on Nordic cuisine and Icelandic produce.

Salt Eldhus employs a select group of trained chefs and passionate gourmet cooks to teach our cooking classes. Owner and CEO of Salt Eldhus, Mrs Sigridur Björk Bragadottir (Sirry), is a chef, food writer and former editor-in-chief at the leading Icelandic food & wine magazine Gestgjafinn.

Sigridur Bjork Bragadottir (Sirry), owner and CEO.

"I have been a food lover all my life and was quite young when I started to experiment in the kitchen", says Sirry. "My mother was a very good cook and also an accomplished baker, always trying new things. Both my grandmothers loved cooking, each with their own flair and my grandfather on my mother´s side was in charge of baking and making confectionery for Christmas. I was very determined to follow my passion and at the age of 14 my parents let me sign-up for an adult cookery course. That was it for me and a few years later I graduated as a chef from the Icelandic Culinary Institute."

"Cooking and baking is my life, my passion, and it is such a privilege to have been able to make it my life´s work. Before acquiring Salt Eldhús in May 2016 I worked as a food writer for Gestgjafinn, the leading food & wine magazine in Iceland, for 10 years. It was an incredible experience, a dream come true really. During my last 4 years at the magazine I was the editor-in-chief and had the chance to develop a different and wider perspective."

"I think that my background will come in handy at Salt Eldhús because when it comes to cooking you are always learning something new, always looking to expand your knowledge. I see cooking as a kind of therapy where you unwind after a long day, create something nutritious and tasty and share the outcome with someone you love."