The Icelandic kitchen experience

Immerse yourself into Icelandic cuisine, food traditions and culture in our hands-on, highly interactive cooking classes in central Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

Whether you´re visiting Iceland for the first time or are a seasoned Icelandophile looking to deepen your Iceland experience, you should sign-up for our popular, open Cook & Dine class. Enjoy an Icelandic cooking class, tasting session and gourmet lunch or dinner, all in one package! It is a truly unique culinary experience.

We believe that gastronomy is a great way to connect people. Cooking together brings families closer, it´s a fun activity for friends and colleagues and it´s ideal for team building or fostering client relationships. Our cooking classes are ideal for groups and private events, lunch or dinner. Pick your theme!

At Salt Eldhús (or Salt Kitchen in English) we offer first class premises with a fantastic view of the Reykjavik harbor, great atmosphere, a well equiped kitchen and charming dining area. All of our cooking classes are taught by skilled and entertaining professional chefs.

Cooking classes


Icelandic fish and free roaming lamb take center stage in our Icelandic style cooking classes. Combining a relaxed atmosphere and the personal approach of our chefs, we aim is to leave you with a memorable culinary experience.

Our popular Cook and Dine class is an open class. This class is available as a lunch class, starting at 10:00 in the morning, and as a dinner class, starting at 17:00 in the afternoon. Duration of the class is 3.5 hours,

The Cook and Dine class is also available as a private class.